Timothy Patterson



Timothy Patterson, student majoring in Illustration / Fine-Art and Toy design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan where he is a design partner in the company High-Tech-Ties.

Timothy worked with Fashion Designer Andre Van Pier in 2005 as an illustrator, his drawings of celebrities such as Jean Simmons, Hugh Hefner, and Anita Baker, in Van Piers designs were shown internationally at the Hard Rock Café, Art Basel Miami, It’s Only Rock and Roll historical exhibition Pier 94 Antique show.

Patterson continued to illustrate for Andre Van Pier for two more years as well as worked as a collaborating designer on proposal projects such as the Michael Jackson Robot, and the “Celebrity Robot Row” entertainment complexes catering to Dubai, Las Vegas and Coney Island. "

He also works as an illustrator and Designer for the High-Tech-Design loft owned by Karen Santry in Manhattan.

Lyrical and witty, his work encompasses a wide range of media and reveals a rich and variant source of inspiration – futuristic technology, pop culture, and purified form combined with avante-guard engineering concepts puts this young designer at the cutting edge.